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The Trailer For Upcoming ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ Is Gorgeous


Over the weekend, Playstation devotees made the journey to Anaheim, California to attend Sony’s Playstation Experience 2016. The 2-day event showcased the innovative technologies coming soon to Playstation and teased new trailers for upcoming exclusive content. The Gran Turismo racing title has always been one of Sony’s strongest exclusives, and an all-new trailer for Gran Turismo Sport was revealed at the convention. It is absolutely jaw-dropping. In fact, it may look too realistic, but that shouldn’t be an issue for most. The trailer, featured above, showcases the photorealistic properties of the game. However, one can only achieve these stunning graphics if ran on a Playstation 4 Pro with 4K capabilities. Set to release in 2017, GT Sport incorporates technologies such as HDR, virtual reality, and wide color to essentially transport the gamer into the universe of racing.