Hawthorne Delivers A Fragrance-Buying Experience Tailored To Guys

Introducing Hawthorne, a new a way to find and buy your next favorite cologne. It’s safe to say that most of us hate the current scent-buying experience. Whether it’s walking into your not-so-favorite department store to be hounded by several sales people or looking through the one shelf dedicated to men’s scents at Sephora, it’s safe to say the cologne buying and discovering experience just isn’t catering to men. Hawthorne’s aim is to shift things in a meaningful way by blending an online biometrics test with some of the world’s best perfumers to give guys a direct-to-consumer fragrance-buying experience. The biometrics test asks questions about your diet, type of workplace, what you’re most likely to do on a Saturday night, and a bit more so they can toss that data into their algorithm to identify scent preference and begin recommending fragrances to the customer.

In a matter of days, you’ll two scents delivered to your doorstep, one’s for work and the other for a night out. Head on over to Hawthorne’s website to see what scents are made for you. Their data currently shows nearly 90% of customers love the scents they’ve received with that number slated to go higher as the algorithm learns and begins to make smarter decisions.


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