Why This GQ Insider Chooses Mack Weldon’s Silver Underwear

As a GQ insider, my personality is defined by my choices in style, so when it comes to looking and feeling fresh no matter the season, I stock up on basics that pair with any look. Fresh socks, signature shoes and clean pressed shirts are key, but there’s one less obvious element that’s absolutely critical in my wardrobe – a great set of underwear. And when it comes to underwear, no two pairs are created equal. Recently, I met with some fellow Insiders about current trends we were following. One had mentioned their latest obsession was Mack Weldon’s Silver underwear. Because this has been one category that I haven’t followed as closely, I was very intrigued by the technology I heard about and decided I must give them a try.


Mack Weldon is a game changer of keeping cool and staying fresh all day long, from morning workouts to afternoon meetings and events/cocktails at night. The secret lies in their NASA inspired technology that weaves actual pure silver into the fabric. It may sound excessive, but silver is a natural antimicrobial, thermo-regulating metal used in space suits and tactical special ops uniforms to keep operators cool, odor free, and fresh in high stress situations, so it makes a lot of sense Mack Weldon built it into their underwear. Another benefit that comes with silver is that it makes the fabric much more durable, so they don’t wear out nearly as quickly as generic ones. The team at Mack Weldon also hit the nail on the head when it comes to the design. There’s perfectly placed mesh zones for a cooling effect, the waistline doesn’t roll down and they never ride up. At the end of the day, comfort is the most important element for underwear and Mack Weldon does not disappoint.


All these great features do come with a bit higher of a price tag, but the value and benefits significantly outweigh the alternative wearing cheap underwear that warms easily and latches on to odors. There’s a reason NASA and the military rely on silver technology for their high-performance uniforms, because the cost vs. benefits is unmatched. Plus, there’s nothing better than after hours not having to worry about sweat and odor buildup from earlier in the day.


If you’re a first time buyer who gets sticker shock easily, consider how much you spend on a nice dinner or a great bottle of champagne that’s gone as quick as you sign the check. I’m conservative with what I will spend money on, but when it comes to basics that I wear every single day, it’s a no brainer to make the investment. When I find something I like, I buy in bulk so I don’t run into laundry days when I’m left with old items I should have tossed a long time ago (we’ve all been there). I’m definitely stocking up on these underwear and recommending them to all my buddies.


As an added bonus, if you don’t love your first pair, the folks at Mack Weldon will give you a full refund and let you keep the pair you tried! You can follow this link to get your Silver boxer briefs risk-free!


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