Huracán EVO | Lamborghini’s Latest ‘Amplified Series’ Talks Connecting Man and Machine with a Professional Drone Racer

To align with the new Huracán EVO, Lamborghini’s telling the stories of unique individuals as part of their “Amplified Series”. Each video’s aligned with a Lamborghini pillar, whether it be a focus on Engine, Design, or their Human-Machine Interface. The latest highlights the EVO’s new HMI and features Drone Racing Champion Jordan “Jet” Temkin. The central tunnel features an 8.4-inch multi-touch capacitive screen that controls all driving dynamics, entertainment functions, and evens gives you real-time info on traffic and adapts lights to the current driving mode. For track driving, it’s also where you get advanced connectivity that’s never been seen before on a Huracán with help coming from two cameras.

This data helps to push you further and optimize things as you shave seconds off your lap times. For Jordan, there’s a deep connection with his drone the second he puts on his headset. There’s a ton of data at play there as well, with read outs allowing Jet to fine tune his performance to drive optimal results. Whether you’re in a Huracán EVO or a drone set to win, it’s an exchange of adrenaline that invigorates your every sense.

Check out Lamborghini’s latest Amplified Series above and check out the previous two from the Series below.

Engine: Violinist Stephanie Childress

Design: Sushi-master Mitsuhiro Araki


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