How Bell’s Mental Health Taught Us About Battling with Depression

Nowadays, people can speak candidly about their mental illness. Hollywood stars like Kristen Bell offer a voice for many on how depression and anxiety make life not easy. Many can relate to her story. And many find hope fighting the “big D.” There is light ahead of the tunnel, and it’s bringing recovery available for everyone.

Like cancer, treatment for mental illnesses such as depression continues to develop. People who take antidepressants now feel less stigmatized with growing acceptance of taking such meds. 

Today’s article looks into Kristine Bell’s story and how she battled the big D.

“The Big Dark Cloud”

“It was just a generalized dark cloud over me.” That is how Kristen Bell described her depression in one of her interviews

Everyone knew Bell as the adult voice of Anna in Frozen. Now her image takes more shape with her sharing her intimate side. How many can relate to depression? Since not everyone can treat it, it goes a long way. It is not your simple colds that can go away with rest and Vitamin C. So how does one keep oneself sane when the clouds get thicker and heavier each day?

When the Covid 19 pandemic made everyone familiar with living under the cloud during these days, Bell shared on her Instagram how she’s able to get past one of her “tough days.” Candidly it becomes clear to everyone that the cloud she has been living with started in her younger years. Bell’s battle with depression began when she was 18 years old.

Mindfulness and Medication

Bell’s mom was a registered nurse, so it was not hard for her to understand taking medications to feel relief. In her interviews, Bell further described that she often feels exhausted every day. 

Those who have depression can relate to this scenario. One of the medications patients start with are SSRI or serotonin inhibitors that help the brain work on the brain chemicals that reduce symptoms of tiredness and wave the dark heavy clouds off. 

Aside from that, Bell also did not shy away from taking “mindfulness hacks.” One of these hacks is taking psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic compound found in mushrooms. 

Symptoms and Defeating Stigma: “I wasn’t Suicidal.”

“I wasn’t suicidal,” ” Bell further described her depression. Her statement brings an important message about people battling depression, anxiety, and related illness.

Depression does not always mean someone wants to end their life. Thanks to Bell’sBell’s honesty and openness to talk about her journey. It often stigmatized depression patients for its become term that often links with suicide, which is not the case every time. 

The Daily Battle

In her Instagram post, Bell shared how a day seems like a battle for her. She honestly told in her story that she still feels the cloud pinning down on her even while undergoing treatment and medication. There are still days that you will feel so low. 

How does one cope with moments like these? Bell showed how fighting depression is a constant battle. One of the ways she copes is to list both the good things and the bad things. 

Seeing the things that people should be thankful for seems like an easy task. But not when the dark clouds are waving ahead. One should commit to seeing the dark days coming. And convincing yourself when you have no strength at all is another fight to overcome. 

What is Your Takeaway?

Bell’s story is one of those that also represents many. She is just one of the over 40 million adults in the US who fights the big D regularly. 

In summary, these are the things you could take away from the story and experts who treat patients with depression and anxiety.

  • Be patient with yourself.
  • You may start slow with your medication.
  • Always consult with a therapist, psychiatrist, or doctor when taking meds.
  • Do not be afraid to explore other options; not everyone is prescribed pills.
  • You can go for natural remedies like exercise, diet, and other mindful activities.
  • DO NOT rely on meds alone. Why not try talk therapies with a compatible counselor.

You might know someone, a friend, or a loved one with mental illness. Some people may not make her battles known online. Some still choose to battle in silence. But as you see, the dark clouds do not exempt celebrities from being depressed and mentally ill. You should show care, respect, and acceptance to ordinary people who struggle the same. 

Or it could be you. You may be just beginning the fight or still struggling to start. Let this be a gentle reminder that there is help for everyone and that you are not alone.


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