Survivor’s Range of iPhone 12 Pro Cases Feature Antimicrobial Protection and Can Withstand a 16-Foot Drop

Survivor is making iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro cases that are not only durable but they also have antimicrobial agents, killing 99% of bacteria and fighting stain and odor in the process. With four categories of cases to choose from, even the lowest level of protection gets you up to 6 feet of drop protection tested to military standards while the highest level cranks it up to 16 feet.

Each tier — Clear, Strong, Endurance, and Extreme — caters to different needs and wants. Clear has a super clean and slim design while Strong’s interior design helps to deliver unrivaled drop protection in a slimmed down shell. Strong’s secured for a 10-foot drop, thanks to Survivor’s proprietary shock-dampening material, FortiCore. Endurance and Extreme leverage FortiCore as well while also adding in antimicrobial protection, scratch resistance, discoloration defense and so much more.

Check out more of Survivor’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro cases in the gallery and shop the goods now through the Survivor online store.


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