All-Electric, All-Terrain | Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG Reimagines G-Class for the New Age of E-Mobility

Mercedes-Benz unveils the Concept EQG, a near-production study of an all-electric version of its utilitarian off-road classic. The concept car’s design blends the G-undeniably Class’s stunning appearance with chosen design features characteristic of Mercedes’ all-electric vehicles as contrasting highlights. The “G’s” 4×4 characteristics, which have traditionally set the bar high, will not only make their way into the era of electric mobility, but will be enhanced in certain respects. As a result, the Concept EQG provides a promising glimpse of what a Mercedes-Benz G-Class with battery-electric propulsion might do.

In January 2018, at the world premiere of the current model generation of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class in Detroit, star guest and ardent “G” fan Arnold Schwarzenegger elicited an unexpected promise from Daimler AG’s then Chairman of the Board of Management, Dieter Zetsche: the upcoming electrification of all model series would of course include the G-Class. Mercedes-Benz is delivering on this promise just under three and a half years later, with the Concept EQG, a near-production study of an all-electric G-Class. “Wherever market circumstances allow, Mercedes-Benz will go completely electric by the end of the decade,” says Markus Schäfer, member of Daimler AG’s Board of Management and COO of Mercedes-Benz Cars. “We are speeding the transition to a zero-emission and software-driven future by taking this strategic move from ‘Electric first’ to ‘Electric exclusively,’ which includes sustainable manufacturing and the CO2-neutral life cycle of our batteries. With compelling goods, we want to persuade our consumers to convert to electric transportation. The G-Class is an emblem that excels at its job.”

The popular G-Class vehicle was first introduced in 1979. The “G” has therefore symbolized Mercedes-premium Benz’s off-road vehicle for more than four decades. The Mercedes-Benz off-road legend’s external look has altered relatively little throughout the years. Mercedes-Benz only carefully developed the undeniably stunning appearance further as part of the comprehensive makeover in 2018, which brought with it the model’s greatest technical leap in its history. Because its once-purely utilitarian components have long ago become iconic stylistic features, there’s a solid explanation for that. The unique door handle and distinctive closing sound, the strong external protection strip, the exposed spare wheel on the rear door, and the eye-catching front turn indicators are just a few examples.

The Concept EQG follows in the design heritage of the model series and may be mistaken for a G-Class at first sight. The G-Class’ angular form, as well as its distinctive features, are included into the near-production study. The strong exterior protection strips stand out visually thanks to illuminated stripes. The beautiful two-tone paint finish – gloss black on top, gloss aluminum beam on the bottom – has a dividing edge. Runs right under the covering bonnet at the front end, highlighting this design element even more obviously.

The front appearance of the Concept EQG is unmistakably recognizable, thanks to the circular headlights. This all-electric variation has a continuous deep black radiator grille instead of a radiator grille like the conventionally powered model variants. The lighted star with 3D appearance adds a stunning touch to this Black Panel Grille. A visual connection is created around it by an animated pattern of “round squares” (square pattern) in the characteristic blue of Mercedes-EQ vehicles. The Black Panel is encircled by an illuminated band that, together with the white lit circles in the outside mirror housings, compliments the headlights’ daytime running light design.


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