Essentia Water 2 Gallon Box is the First of Its Kind and Perfect for Your At-Home Kitchen or Office

Essentia Water has announced the release of its new 2 Gallon Box, which was created to help meet increased consumer demand. The new 2 Gallon Box, which will be available soon, is a “direct response” to meet consumer demand during this COVID-19 pandemic.

This new product is more environmentally friendly and provides you with all of the Alkaline water you require while using 80 percent less plastic than 8 (1Litre) bottles. It’s also made of 100 percent recycled corrugate that’s fully recyclable. Made in a more environmentally friendly manner. According to the company, each box is made of recycled corrugate and is 100 percent recyclable, with the inside using 80 percent less by volume.

“This is a true product innovation in our category, as well as our latest step toward creating products that are both good for consumers and better for the environment,” said Scott Miller, CEO of Essentia Water. “Our 2 Gallon Box product innovation was driven by extensive consumer research and a commitment to developing a larger format that would maintain Essentia’s overachieving taste.” This new multi-serve offering is designed to accommodate more ways we live while also contributing to a cleaner environment.”

According to the company, the Essentia 2 Gallon Box contains ionized alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 or more. It comes in a specially formulated bag with a spout that keeps air out, keeping the freshness and consumption over time.

The Essentia 2 Gallon Box, which will be retailed for $16.99, will be available on CVS Pharmacy and Walmart shelves throughout September. In early 2022, the product will be distributed in additional locations.


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