This 1992 Ferrari F40 is Hitting the Auction Block

You don’t hear about Ferrari F40’s going up for auction, especially a 1992 one, but it has been listed on the Kissimmee Auction 2022. The F40 is a special car because it was the last made by Enzo Ferrari and this one is number 19 of the 22 that were built in 1992.

The F40 was ultimately fully race-based featuring carbon fiber twin-turbocharged, four-cam, port-injected three-liter V8 engine that produced 478 HP. This may not sound like much compared to what we’ve seen today, but it was great for it’s time and continues to make it one of the finest super cars the world’s ever seen. It can go 0-60 MPH in 3.9 seconds and 0-100 in 7.8 seconds. This low weight car was one of the first to hit over 200MPH.

Mecum Auctions hasn’t released many details about how much the car will go for, but we’re guessing the $1.2-$1.5M range when it hits auction on January 6-16th. You can find out more about this on Mercum Auction’s website


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