Rolex Prices Are Going Up for 2022

Rolex jumped into 2022 with a price jump on their watches. First reported by Professional Watches, the Rolex website features the new prices which are raised by about an average of 3.4%.

All of the watches had an increase in price, but the ”Professional Watches” collection had the highest increase. For perspective the 41mm stainless steel Ref. 124300 Oyster Perpetual was previously sold for $5,900 and the price has now jumped up to $6,150. A higher priced watch that went for $8,100 is now up to $8,950 which is about a 10% increase.

There’s no way to know if other watch brands will follow suit and raise their prices as well but there has been supply cut backs which have resulted in a tremendous uptick in the secondary market as well. You can check out the MSRP changes by shopping on the Rolex website.


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