GM Boss Confirms AWD Hybrid and All-Electric Corvettes Are Coming

GM’s confirmed that an AWD Hybrid and all-electric iteration of the Chevy Corvette is on the way for next year.

GM President Mark Reuss has mentioned a possible debut for the two vehicles early next year, sharing a teaser video revealing the hybrid’s all-wheel-drive capability. The hybrid is seen skidding around in the snow in slow motion, making the all-wheel-drive clear. Its front wheels seem to have faster acceleration compared to the rear, leading us to believe that the front wheels are driven by an electric motor rather than being mechanically attached to the engine.

No name has been attributed to the hybrid, but GM has been hanging onto the trademark for the “E-Ray” name for quite some time.

There are speculations of its power, with recent sources putting it at over 600-HP combined at about 670-HP to keep the Z06 at the top of the Corvette hierarchy. However, no confirmations have been made public.

Reuss did not share any information on the full-electric version but it is expected to follow the hybrid Corvette. It would almost definitely utilize the “Ultium” electric car technology found in most of GM’s new electric vehicles.

Stay tuned for more information on the new Chevy Corvettes.


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