This Singer Turbo Study Spec Is An Effortless Blend of Fabrics and Materials in Iconic Turbo Racing White

Earlier this year, Singer revealed the Porsche 911 Turbo Study and here now is one of the first builds. This one’s been crafted to perfection with every detail imaginable and is a showcase of Singer’s capabilities. 

This rare breed is finished in Turbo Racing White and complemented with green stripes to match its glossy finish wheels. Step inside and you’re met with a Turbo Study cabin that  features hand-selected houndstooth fabric with hints of white, black, and green that perfectly match the exterior. 

The distinctive exterior of this car is complemented by the interior’s lightweight carbon fiber seats and trim, which blend into its surroundings perfectly. The interior has been painted in Turbo Racing White for an even more seamless appearance from inside to out. 

The Singer Turbo Study is for those that love speed and with it you get a 964-derived 3.8L twin-turbo flat-six engine that makes 450 HP and 510-pound feet of torque, you’ll get plenty of it. 0 to 60 time comes in at just 3 seconds while it’s equipped with carbon-ceramic brakes and a lower ride height, making it an all-around performance beast.

So what’s the price, you ask? Not sure, but expect it to be a ton. The waitlist is already extensive but you can ooze over the photos in our gallery for now.


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