Interscope Records x Trophy The Chronic Masters Collection Celebrates Dr. Dre

Interscope Records reveals its first-of-its-kind collaborative project with the collectible agency, Trophy. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dr. Dre’s influential album, The Chronic Masters collection includes limited edition fine art print offerings, skate decks, and other collectibles with planned releases throughout the year.

Starting with the collection’s first offering on June 1st, The Chronic Masters is a slow-burn series of limited-edition releases that pays homage to Dr. Dre’s body of work. The collection’s first drop includes three premium Session Tapes fine art print offerings photographed by Jeremy Deputat, ‘The Session Tapes’ 1:1 Replica Set, the Session Tapes Oversized Replicas, and four limited edition skateboard decks.

The 24-inch by 24-inch fine art prints are limited to 310 hand-numbered units and come with a certificate of authenticity. The 1:1 Replica Set is also limited to 310 units and includes all three session boxes with five-sided archival UV-cured prints on varnished HD aluminum panels. The limited-edition skateboard decks are also limited to 310 units and highlight the design of the session tapes and the iconic album art. Meanwhile, the Oversized Replicas are limited to only 30 units and measure 24 x 24 inches, while the

The first drop of the Chronic Masters collection will be available on June 1st, at 12 pm PST and 3 pm EST via Interscope, with prices ranging between $125 to $500.


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