Apple x Hermès Series 9 Watch Brings Hermès Styling to Apple Innovation

The recent Apple event showcased the Apple Series 9 watch, and among the reveals was a new Hermès collaboration that sees the new Apple Series 9 sporting a bespoke Hermes Radial display.

The stainless Apple Watch Hermès Series 9 case gets paired with four new band styles added to the already wide catalog of collab bands: two woven bands, the brand’s first-ever knitted band, and a molded rubber version.

The Tolie H Single Tour band in a classic Hermès check is inspired by the Hermès signature cotton canvas first seen in 1930. The band currently comes in a Gold/Ecru colorway

The woven nylon Twill Jump Single Tour band features a border in a contrasting color, recalling the precise edge painting used throughout Hermès. It comes in both a Navy/Rouge H or a Noir/Gold colorway.

The molded rubber Hermès Kilim Sport band is crafted from soft, waterproof rubber with a quick-release deployment buckle. The band is molded with the brand’s geometric interlocking “H” motif. It comes in Orange, Rouge H, Bleu Navy, and Noir.

Finally, Hermès has the first ever plaited Bridon strap made of knitted nylon. Taking inspiration from the brand’s equestrian tradition, the Bridon features a continuous hand-braided knit woven into a 3D chevron pattern. The Single Tour option comes in Rouge H/Vermillion/God and Navy/Gris/Rouge H colorways, while the Double Tour option comes in Navy/Gris/Ciel and Rouge H/Vermillion/Navy colorways.

Apple x Hermès Series 9 watches are now available for preorder from the Hermes webstore and the Apple website, with deliveries expected to begin on September 22nd.


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