FreshService x HOUYHNHNM Unveil Utilitarian Capsule Collection

Continuing their successful collaborations, FreshService and HOUYHNHNM have once again joined forces, introducing a utilitarian-fueled capsule catering to those who appreciate both style and functionality. 

The spotlight of this capsule falls on the Utility Shooting Coat and Shooting Cargo Pants, designed with precision and practicality in mind. Available in Olive or Navy, the pair of outdoor apparel is a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

The Utility Shooting Coat, a testament to meticulous design, combines lightweight insulation with an emphasis on functionality. Two flap pockets on the front provide easy access, but the real surprise lies within – concealed zippers unveil a hidden interior compartment, revealing ten thoughtfully arranged pockets of various sizes and fastenings. From smartphones to sunglasses, this coat ensures you’re equipped for any adventure.

Embracing a familiar silhouette, the Shooting Cargo Pants exude a traditional yet contemporary vibe. Fitted with adjustable cuffs and articulated knee darts, these pants strike the perfect balance between style and practicality. Two flap pockets at the front add a touch of utilitarian charm, making them an ideal choice for those who appreciate both form and function. 

Take a closer look and swipe through the Utility Shooting Coat and Shooting Cargo Pants capsule image. Interested in getting your hands on these? The capsule is available now at HOUYHNHNM’s online store and select physical locations, including FreshService Headquarters, MaW Sapporo, FACTORY, and MEMPHIS Kumamoto.


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