MB&F LAB Beverly Hills Celebrates Grand Opening On Rodeo Drive

MB&F has unveiled its first-ever physical presence in the United States with the inauguration of MB&F LAB Beverly Hills. Located on the iconic Rodeo Drive, this hybrid retail space combines concept store, boutique, and gallery elements, marking a significant milestone in the enduring partnership between Max Büsser and Westime.

Stepping into MB&F LAB Beverly Hills is a journey into a world where horological innovation meets artistic expression. The 800-square-foot space, drawing design inspiration from John Lautner’s Sheats–Goldstein Residence, seamlessly blends the avant-garde with the traditional. The interior features bricked walls in a stone gray, white, wood, and chrome palette. It exudes a minimalist and contemporary atmosphere, creating the perfect backdrop for the showcased masterpieces.

A notable highlight is a captivating six-foot-long mechanical stingray, a creation by the Indian design and architecture studio Apical Reform. Priced at $43,000, this masterpiece mimics the wave motion of its natural counterpart, embodying the fusion of art and mechanics. MB&F LAB Beverly Hills proudly displays an array of innovative horological creations, including creative watches, clocks, and music boxes developed in collaboration with renowned partners such as REUGE and L’Epée 1839.

Founder Max Büsser reflects on the evolution of MB&F, recalling the early days when Westime was among the first retailers to embrace the brand’s experimental timepieces. Büsser expresses his astonishment at the journey from presenting a plastic prototype to now opening the prestigious MB&F LAB on Rodeo Drive with Westime.

MB&F LAB Beverly Hills serves as a retail destination and a hub for collectors to connect and appreciate the brand’s gallery-like cabinet of curiosities. With a strategic focus on both horological and non-horological wonders, the Lab distinguishes itself from MB&F’s M.A.D. Gallery stores, striking a balance where 60 percent is dedicated to MB&F and 40 percent to art.

For those eager to experience the synergy of innovation and luxury, MB&F LAB Beverly Hills is located at 216 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, United States. The Lab welcomes enthusiasts and collectors alike from 10 am to 6 pm, providing an immersive encounter with MB&F’s extraordinary creations.


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