Fragment Design x Anon Limited Edition M4 Goggle | The Essential Snow Gear for Your Winter Sport Adventures

As winter’s chill settles in and the mountains beckon with promises of powdery slopes, it’s time for enthusiasts to gear up for their favorite snow sports. Among the essential protective gear for these adventures, the Fragment Design x Anon Limited Edition M4 Goggle stands out as a must-have accessory for both style and performance on the slopes.

Crafted through a collaboration between Anon and the renowned Hiroshi Fujiwara, this limited edition M4 Goggle boasts a sleek olive-green finish. It is designed with a low-bridge fit and offers added face foam in the nose area, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit, especially for those with higher cheekbones or larger faces. It also features a main lens in Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Perceive Variable Green shade and co-branding on both sides of the strap and on the goggle bag.

What sets these goggles apart is their advanced technology and attention to detail. Featuring Hiroshi’s signature nose guard and Magna-Tech magnetic quick lens-change technology, they offer unparalleled convenience and protection against the elements. The high-contrast “Perceive” lenses enhance visibility, which is crucial for navigating varying light conditions on the slopes.

Moreover, the goggles are engineered with “Over-the-Glasses” compatibility, allowing wearers to keep their prescription frames underneath—a testament to their practical design catering to diverse needs. The collaboration between Anon and Fragment Design seamlessly marries style with functionality, resulting in a product that not only looks good but also performs exceptionally well in challenging winter conditions.

The Fragment Design x Anon Limited Edition M4 Goggle is set to become available soon via the Burton online store, just in time for the peak of the winter sports season. Priced at $370, these goggles offer enthusiasts an opportunity to elevate their snow sports experience.


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