Gramicci SS24 Campaign | Urban Adventure and Nostalgic Utility

Gramicci, the iconic brand synonymous with outdoor utility and countercultural flair, just revealed its Spring/Summer 2024 collection in a vibrant campaign set amidst the urban landscapes of London. In a theme that embodies adventure and nostalgia, Gramicci’s latest offering merges practicality with style, redefining the boundaries of contemporary menswear.

Embracing the spirit of rebellious exploration, Gramicci’s SS24 collection is a testament to its 40-year-old design philosophy, channeling memories of carefree school holidays and boundless mischief. Shot against London’s alternative landmarks, the campaign captures the essence of city life, where every street corner holds the promise of adventure.

Balancing purpose with panache, Gramicci infuses its garments with oversized silhouettes and comfortable fabrications reminiscent of the carefree Californian spirit of the 90s. Bold prints and vibrant colors compose the season’s palette, found on climbing and swim shorts, all echoing the brand’s playful approach to outdoor attire.

From technical waterproof jackets to UPF Shield tops, Gramicci equips modern urbanites with protection against the elements without compromising style. Organic twill and rugged canvas fabrics dominate the collection, offering durability and functionality for the modern-day explorer.

Smart mountaineering features and technically inclined pockets characterize Gramicci’s latest offerings, catering to individuals who seek adventure without sacrificing comfort. The collection aims to make sure that its wearers are prepared for any urban escapade.

The Gramicci SS24 collection will be available starting February 22nd, exclusively on the Gramicci webstore and with selected stockists. In the meantime, swipe through the Gramicci SS24 lookbook.


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