TUMI Golf Collection Tees Off Luxury Without Compromise

TUMI, the esteemed luggage brand, recently unveiled its inaugural golf collection, marking a significant stride in its partnership with the PGA Tour and LPGA. Crafted under the discerning eye of TUMI’s creative maestro, Victor Sanz, this collection embodies the fusion of high-performance materials with impeccable design finesse. With a resolute commitment to excellence, TUMI introduces a range of 22 meticulously crafted items poised to redefine the golfing experience.

At the heart of the TUMI Golf Collection lies a dedication to enhancing every facet of the golfer’s journey. The spotlight shines brightly on the range of golf bags, each meticulously engineered to marry functionality with opulence. Whether it’s the Stand, Range, or Cart variant, these bags boast a symphony of features, from durable FXT Ballistic Nylon construction to plush soft-touch padding, ensuring both resilience on the green and comfort during transit. Moreover, with innovative additions such as USB-C charging ports and cooler pockets, TUMI ensures that no detail is overlooked in catering to the modern golfer’s needs.

Beyond the bags, the collection extends its embrace with an array of accessories designed to elevate the golfing experience. Each piece exudes the hallmark of TUMI’s craftsmanship, from the versatile Golf Duffle seamlessly transitioning from course to clubhouse to the sleek divot tools encased in luxurious leather. Not to be overlooked is the exquisite cigar case, crafted from lightweight carbon fiber, offering a sophisticated accompaniment for post-game indulgence.

As golf enthusiasts strive for perfection on the course, TUMI presents a collection with prices ranging from $795 to $1,595 for golf and travel bags and additional accessories starting from $125. Visit the official TUMI website for more information on the entire collection.


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