LOEWE Solo Vulcan and Agua Drop Expands Its Botanical Rainbow Collection

LOEWE, renowned for its luxury goods, has recently expanded its Botanical Rainbow Collection with two exclusive fragrances. In a world saturated with scents, these new additions, named Solo Vulcan and Agua Drop, promise a unique olfactory experience for everyone seeking sophistication and distinction.

Drawing inspiration from the Spanish Rockrose wildflower, these fragrances embody a rich and authentic essence. The LOEWE Accord, a novel olfactory note, sets the tone, infusing each scent with its own distinct personality. Solo Vulcan captures the fiery eruption of a volcano, while Agua Drop evokes the delicate dewdrops resting on Rockrose petals after a cool night. Both fragrances celebrate nature’s wonders with a blend of floral, fruity, and woody notes, creating an exclusive sensory journey for the wearer.

The Solo Vulcan draws inspiration from the powerful imagery of a volcanic eruption, Solo Vulcan embodies strength and resilience. Its rich and ambery aroma, reminiscent of the Spanish Rockrose wildflower, captures attention with its boldness. Crafted from a base of Spanish Rockrose, Solo Vulcan is infused with notes of thyme, lavender, orange flower, and vetiver, creating a complex and dynamic fragrance profile. From its initial balsamic whiff to its smooth woody finish, Solo Vulcan leaves a lasting impression of confidence and sophistication. This fragrance is a testament to the fleeting potency of nature’s most fragrant blooms, offering a timeless expression of masculine elegance.In contrast to the fiery energy of Solo Vulcan, Agua Drop invites wearers on a refreshing and floral journey. Inspired by the delicate dewdrops that settle on Rockrose petals after a cool night, Agua Drop exudes tranquility and refinement. Its blend of bergamot and orange flowers absolutely complements the Spanish Rockrose base, creating a subtle yet captivating fragrance. With fruity, woody, and ambery layers, Agua Drop leaves a soothing afterscent, evoking the gentle play of light on flowing water. Like a breath of fresh air, Agua Drop offers a refreshing escape from the every day, inviting men to embrace the beauty of nature in all its subtlety.

LOEWE’s Botanical Rainbow Collection continues to redefine the art of perfumery. Both Solo Vulcan and Agua Drop are available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum sizes, priced at $180. These exclusive fragrances can be purchased directly from LOEWE’s official website.


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