Rapha Performance Eyewear Collection Trio Takes Inspiration From Iconic Cycling Destinations

In a move that signals both innovation and expansion, Rapha, the renowned British label celebrated for its excellence in cycling gear, has announced the launch of three new styles in its Eyewear collection. The Reis, Letras, and Dalton, each bearing the name of iconic cycling destinations, are poised to redefine the standards of performance eyewear.

Drawing inspiration from legendary cycling locales, the Reis, Letras, and Dalton embody the spirit of endurance and adventure intrinsic to the cycling community. From Mallorca’s formidable Coll Dels Reis to the rugged terrain of Alaska’s Dalton Highway, each style pays homage to cycling’s challenges and triumphs.

The Reis, aptly named after Mallorca’s renowned cycling climb, features a half-framed design and interchangeable lenses, offering adaptability to various riding conditions. With contrast-enhancing lens technology and UV protection, these glasses ensure clarity and safety on the road.

For those seeking lightweight and frameless options, the Letras, named after the Alto de Letras in the Northern Andes, offer a futuristic design coupled with unparalleled functionality. Strategically placed ventilation and extended field of vision make them ideal companions for long rides in diverse terrains.

Meanwhile, the Dalton, inspired by Alaska’s Dalton Highway, combines versatility with durability. With interchangeable lenses and a wrapped design for enhanced protection, these glasses excel in adapting to changing conditions, ensuring optimal performance in every adventure.

Despite their cutting-edge features, Rapha’s new eyewear collection remains accessible. Priced at $205 for the Letras and Reis and $180.00 for the Dalton, these performance styles offer exceptional value compared to competitors. Available globally on Rapha.cc and in Rapha Clubhouses, the collection debuted on 19th March.


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