Jimmy Choo x Malbon Golf Collaboration Steps Out on the Green In Sport Luxury

In a surprising yet strategic move, Jimmy Choo, renowned for its high-fashion footwear, has joined forces with Malbon Golf, an emerging name in the world of golf and fashion. Spearheaded by creative director Sandra Choi, this collaboration marks a departure from Jimmy Choo’s traditional realm into the dynamic landscape of sports-inspired luxury. Let’s delve into the details of this exclusive partnership and explore how it blends sophistication with functionality.

The fusion of Jimmy Choo’s glamorous aesthetic with Malbon Golf’s sporty sensibility is the driving force behind this groundbreaking collaboration. Sandra Choi’s vision was sparked by a chance encounter with Erica and Stephen Malbon, the innovative minds behind Malbon Golf in Los Angeles. Their shared passion for blending lifestyle and fashion resonated deeply, laying the foundation for a partnership that defies expectations. Drawing inspiration from the world of golf, the collection seamlessly integrates Jimmy Choo’s iconic design elements with Malbon Golf’s distinctive style, resulting in a range of footwear and accessories that exude effortless elegance both on and off the course.

At the heart of the Jimmy Choo x Malbon Golf collaboration lies a meticulously curated collection that caters to both fashion aficionados and golf enthusiasts alike. Each piece embodies the perfect synergy between luxury and performance, from sleek mules adorned with monogram patterns to Diamond Golf trainers boasting innovative diamond-grooved soles. The incorporation of Jimmy Choo’s signature crystals and embroidered patches elevates Malbon’s iconic Buckets logo. Beyond footwear, the collaboration extends to a range of accessories, including high-spec golf bags, club head covers, and rangefinder cases, all meticulously crafted to meet the demands of the modern golfer.

Enthusiasts can find the collection at select Jimmy Choo locations and online platforms. Prices range from $195 for the golf towel to $4,450 for the golf bag. For more information and to shop the collection, please visit the official Jimmy Choo website and the Malbon Golf website.


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