Aēsop Opens Exclusive Retail Location in Beijing’s Historical District

Aēsop, the Australian luxury skincare brand, recently unveiled its first flagship store in Beijing. The new retail location, Aēsop WF CENTRAL House 19, is situated in the historic Wangfujing shopping district and showcases traditional Chinese architecture.

The design of Aēsop WF CENTRAL House 19 is inspired by siheyuan, a type of courtyard residence traditional to Beijing. This architectural choice pays homage to the area’s cultural heritage, specifically referencing the residence’s historical roots as the home of Qing Dynasty princes Pulun and Pudong, cousins of the last Qing Emperor. The store’s exterior and layout take on the look and feel of these traditional homes, offering a unique shopping experience that is both exclusive and culturally immersive.

Entering through the grand gateway, visitors are greeted by a courtyard with redesigned canvas and silk pergolas and a tea station to one side. This leads to the main house, where Aēsop’s full range of products is displayed in large teak structures under siheyuan-style wooden rafters and high ceilings. The interior design’s color scheme features warm wooden and earth hues complemented by red copper accents.

Beside the main house, the East Pavilion houses infusion chambers that offer an olfactory journey for visitors to sample Aēsop’s fragrances. The West Pavilion opposite offers a private setting for in-depth skincare consultations, with personalized experiences for each guest. This overall design reflects Aēsop’s theme of blending modern retail trends while remaining respectful of the local culture and history.

Aēsop WF CENTRAL House 19 officially opened its doors on May 1st. The store is located at Courtyard 1, House 19, West end of WF Central, No. 269, WFJ Ave, Dongcheng District, Beijing. It is open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. For more information, please visit the official Aēsop website.


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