Tissot Seastar Wilson WNBA Collection | Debuting Powermatic 80 And Quarts Editions

In collaboration with Wilson and the WNBA, Tissot proudly presents the Seastar Wilson WNBA collection, marking a significant milestone in the world of horology and women’s basketball. This exclusive collection commemorates the women’s game’s remarkable growth and cultural impact, offering two distinct models that marry Swiss craftsmanship with basketball-inspired design elements.

The genesis of the Tissot Seastar Wilson WNBA collection stems from a mutual dedication to excellence shared by Tissot, Wilson, and the WNBA. As pioneers in their respective fields, these entities have come together to create a timepiece that not only reflects their commitment to quality but also celebrates the spirit of female athleticism.

The collaboration underscores Tissot’s long-standing association with precision timekeeping, serving as the official timekeeper of the NBA and WNBA shot clocks. Wilson’s involvement as the official basketball of the WNBA brings a tangible connection to the sport, with straps crafted from the same Evo-NXT premium composite material used in the official game ball. The vibrant orange and white colorways pay homage to the iconic WNBA basketball, further accentuating the watch’s sporting heritage.

The Tissot Seastar Wilson WNBA collection comprises two distinct models: the Powermatic 80 and the quartz edition, each offering unique features tailored to basketball enthusiasts. The Powermatic 80 version boasts a sleek black dial and bezel design, exuding a sense of understated elegance. In contrast, the quartz model showcases a vibrant interplay of white and light silver components, capturing the dynamic energy of the game.

Both models feature an additional rotating bezel that mirrors the 24-second shot clock time, reinforcing the watch’s association with basketball. The inclusion of interchangeable straps, made from Wilson’s premium composite material, adds a touch of versatility, allowing wearers to customize their timepieces according to their preferences.

The Tissot Seastar Wilson WNBA collection runs on the Powermatic 80 caliber, renowned for its precision and reliability. This automatic movement delivers exceptional performance, underscored by an impressive 80-hour power reserve. Meanwhile, the quartz model offers the accuracy and convenience synonymous with Swiss Made quartz movements, ensuring precise timekeeping in any situation.

The Tissot Seastar Wilson WNBA collection is now available for purchase. The quartz model retails for $450, and the Powermatic 80 version is priced at $750. To explore this exclusive offering further, visit the official Tissot website.


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