Unveiling The Exquisite 1994 RUF RCT | A Rare Porsche 946-Based Carrerra

Of the myriad automotive rarities, few specimens command attention quite like the 1994 RUF RCT. With its roots deeply embedded in Pfaffenhausen, Germany, this singular creation, now available for acquisition in Thousand Oaks, California, represents the epitome of automotive luxury and performance.

Steeped in history, the 1994 RUF RCT was crafted as a developmental masterpiece and press darling, its journey from Heinsberg, Germany, to the shores of the United States. Now, under the stewardship of a reputable dealer in Thousand Oaks, California, this icon of automotive craftsmanship awaits its next custodian.

Dressed in Polar Silver Metallic, the RUF RCT boasts a distinctive appearance, featuring a whale-tail spoiler, 18″ RUF/Speedline wheels, and black leather upholstery with tartan cloth seat inserts. The RCT, or RUF Carrera Turbo, uses a Porsche 964 chassis built from 1992 to 1997. The particular model was developed by Alois Ruf Jr. using spare components from Carrera 2, 4, and RS cars that had been converted to BTR IIIs. Starting off as a Carrera RS, this model retains its seam-welded body shell as well as an aluminum hood, rolled fenders, and thinner side and rear windows compared to those used on the standard Carrera. From its iconic whale-tail spoiler to the functional 18″ RUF/Speedline wheels, Faux fog lights, blue-lens reverse lights, and other intricate elements, everything contributes to the RUF RCT’s charm.

The interior of the 1994 RUF RCT is characterized by black leather upholstery with tartan cloth seat inserts, manual crank windows, and a reduced cabin. Recaro Pole Position seats offer support during driving, while green-letter VDO gauges and a Blaupunkt Montreux stereo system add functionality.

Under the hood, the turbocharged and intercooled 3.6-liter flat-six engine, enhanced with Bosch Motronic engine management, is paired with a bespoke RUF six-speed manual transaxle and equipped with a signature RUF exhaust system. The engine was factory rated at 370 horsepower and 395 lb-ft of torque.

For enthusiasts eager to claim their stake in automotive history, the opportunity awaits. Listed on Bring A Trailer under Lot #145408, this extraordinary specimen comes complete with Porsche factory books, a coveted RUF certificate, and a suite of additional amenities, and with a mere 41k kilometers (~25k miles) on the odometer. For more information, please visit the official listing on the Bring A Trailer website.


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