Aston Martin Valiant | When Fernando Alonso Asks For A Lighter, Faster Valour

After the release of the Aston Martin Valour last year, a manual-equipped retro-styled coupe with only 110 units, customers asked for an even more exclusive version. Fernando Alonso, an Aston Martin F1 racer, was one of those customers who desired the car to be even more powerful and lighter. This led Aston Martin to release the Valiant, a super-exclusive supercar.

At its core, the Valiant shares similarities with the Valour, particularly in terms of its chassis and the powertrain, the latter featuring a twin-turbo 5.2-liter V12 with a six-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. Torque also remains the same at 555 pound-feet. However, it produces an additional 30 horsepower for a total of 735. The Valiant’s suspension also receives a performance boost, with the adaptive system now featuring spool-valve shocks from Multimac. These upgrades improve the Valiant’s performance, responsiveness, and driving dynamics. 

Concerning the car’s weight, Aston tried to achieve the lightest possible weight for the Valiant. The 3D-printer rear subframe added 6.6 pounds in weight savings, the magnesium torque tube saved 19 pounds, a lithium-ion battery saved 25.4 pounds, and the magnesium wheels saved 30.9 pounds. Additionally, the updated carbon fiber grille saves some weight. 

Additional changes to the Valiant’s exterior comprise a more aggressive front spoiler, side skirts, and rear wing. Functional enhancements include a rear diffuser and fender vents. The wheels feature carbon fiber covers to minimize drag and pull air across the carbon ceramic brakes. Moreover, the rear end is now just a hinged rear window area to access cargo space.

The interior stands out with the shifter’s inner workings prominently displayed through the cutaway center console with beautifully crafted metal pieces for the lever and knob. The steering wheel is smaller in diameter compared to the Valour’s, and it omits all switchgear. Recaro seats are in a half-roll cage with anchor points for racing harnesses. 

The doors have light mesh panels, and fabric door pulls.

The Valiant’s price is undisclosed, though it’s surely outrageous. Despite this, Aston Martin likely has already secured buyers for all 38 Valiants produced. Deliveries will be made at the end of the year, and its debut will be at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month.


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