What we love: Project Kahn’s Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorana

UK-based tuning firm Project Kahn has been known for their sensational work on the World’s most luxurious cars.  They’ve tuned the Aston Martin DB9 as well as the Bentley Continental GT.  Well, now they’ve got their hands on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiarano.

The Project Kahn version gets Kahn Carbon F1-X 8.5×20 front wheels and 12×21 rear wheels and a few other enhancements.  It’s kitted with an enhanced exhaust system and a lowered suspension.  Ferrari’s V12 that produce 620 horses and gets the Fiarano going from 0-62 mph in 3.7 seconds is untouched.  What more do you expect when it’s factory features can make it top out at a whopping 205 mph?

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Young Democrats to give birth to ‘Obama Babies’?

Apparently, there was a whole lot going on Tuesday night apart from Obama winning the Presidential election.  Apparently, social networking sites like Twitter revealed that not only were people running down their neighborhood streets, but some were expressing some election...

Apparently, there was a wh...

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Oxford gives us the top ten most irritating phrases

We don’t know how Oxford comes up with a list like this, but hey, they’re beyond Ivy League so we’ll allow it.  Apparently, number one “at the end of the day” is more irritating than “fairly unique,” which is number two.

Check out the complete list below and tell us what you think should make the list that didn’t and even ones that made the list that “shouldn’t of”.

Congratulations Barack Obama!

Congratulations to Barack Obama for becoming the next President of the United States!! CNN is reporting that he has won California, giving him the edge needed to break 270 electoral votes.  Virginia has also gone to Obama, giving Barack 297...

Congratulations to Barack ...

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Video: Barack Obama votes in Chicago

The Obama camp just released this clip of Barack and his family heading to the polls earlier this morning and submitting his ballot. Wonder who they voted for? If you haven’t run out to the voting booths, then you should really go do that. Right now. Seriously. Go.

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John Legend spotted wearing Mackage

We’ve always respected John Legend’s style as much as his music.  With his new album Evolver out now, guess he’s pulling out some other new goodies.  How about a piece from Mackage’s first men’s collection?  He was spotted wearing the Mackage Shane leather jacket in gunmetal last week after leaving a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman in NYC.

Mackage launches its first men’s collection this fall, taking the superior fit and intricate detailing of Mackage’s iconic women’s coats and translating these essential attributes into masculine, formfitting pieces.  Job well done?  We think so.

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Circuit City reveals full list of stores closing

Word got out that Circuit City would be closing 155 stores nationwide today.  They've confirmed with the full list.  This doesn't mean that the stores are actually closing today though.  The press release stated that store closing sales will begin...

Word got out that Circuit ...

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