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Sandisk’s 1 Terabyte SD Card Unveiled

Western Digital Corporation has unveiled its prototype for a 1 terabyte SD card. In their press release, the tech company expresses a desire to continue pushing the boundaries of technology, given the demand for higher resolution and storage capacity within the film…

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VIZIO Unveils 4K M-Series Smart TV

VIZIO switched things up this year by opting out of CES to unveil all of their year's new product at the VIZIO Spring Showcase in NYC. It took place earlier this week and we were on hand to check out all the…

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Canon XC10 Camcorder Captures 4K Video and 12-MP Stills

Canon has announced its new 4K camera the Canon XC10 Camcorder. If you’ve been hoping for a lightweight, accurate, fast and professional camcorder, the Canon XC10 may be just what you’re looking for. The camera is designed for taking 12 megapixel photos and…

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