AETHER Motorcycle Collection

AETHER has just introduced three new additions to its stylish and functional Motorcycle Collection — the Expedition jacket, Expedition pants and Loop jacket. All three are designed with durability, function and style in mind. The Expedition motorcycle jacket is made of...

AETHER has just introduced...

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AETHERsf | Aether Apparel Opens First Retail Store

AETHERsf | Aether Apparel Opens First Retail Store

Aether has opened the doors to their first-ever stand alone retail store, AETHERsf. Located in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley, and constructed from three 8‘ x 9.6‘ x 40’ shipping containers, AETHERsf is the brainchild of Thierry Gaugain (designer behind AETHERstream), envelope a+d, and AETHER’s founders, Jonah Smith and Palmer West. The AETHER concept store features a custom glassencased cantilevered lounge, reclaimed oak floors, and a third floor conveyor system which interacts with the customers needs on the first floor. What’s most impressive is that all design partners were locally sourced in San Francisco.

AETHERsf will carry a wide range of men’s and women’s outerwear.

Aether Apparel Spring/Summer 2011 Swim Trunks

Aether Apparel Spring/Summer 2011 Swim TrunksAether Apparel Spring/Summer 2011 Swim Trunks

Aether Apparel product is known to be some of the most technically sound offerings on the market and their Spring 2011 items are no different. They’re well-designed and extremely wearable. The swim trunks really stood out as much for their form factor as it did for the technical details.

They’re made of quick-drying micro fiber, and offered up in three different styles that look just as great during your morning surf as they do at lunch afterwards. Each style retails for $135 and are available in four colors: total eclipse, graphite, jet black and white (Piping and Cargo only.)