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Nonda’s Hub for The New 12-inch Apple MacBook

Nonda has announced a new smart USB charging port station for the newly-released 12-inch Apple MacBook. The charging port dubbed ‘Hub+’ is made out of high grade aluminum and has a sleek design which fits in perfectly with Apple’s range of devices.…

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Griffin WatchStand Charging Dock for Apple Watch

The Griffin WatchStand Charging Dock makes it easy to charge your Apple Watch and you can also use it to charge your iPhone. The stylish charger allows you to display the Apple Watch horizontally or vertically as it is charging and also…

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Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

At today's Apple event, Tim Cook and the rest of the team in Cupertino unveiled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the "biggest advancement in iPhone". As you might've guessed, the iPhone 6 Plus packs a larger 5.5-inch display whereas the…

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Nomad introduces its latest 2-in-1 charging solution called NomadPlus. The system specifically functions with an existing Apple charger. NomadPlus plugs into any Apple USB wall charger, transforming it into a 1500mAh portable battery that has enough power to recharge a smartphone and/or…

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Gizmodo: 4th Generation iPhone Leaked [Video]

Leaked: The 4th Gen iPhone

We're not big on speculation but when it comes to the iPhone, we're all ears. Seriously. So some crazy events have taken place in the past few weeks, all of which have begun to surface. An Apple engineer left a 4th generation…

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