U.S. Lifts Limits on Cuban Cigar and Rum Imports

  The United States continues to make strides in rebuilding democratic relationships with Cuba by lifting special import restrictions on the amount of cigars and rum citizens can bring in from the island-nation. Americans were previously restricted to importing solely $100...

  The United State...

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‘Anima Persona,’ by Brigitte Lacombe Features Obama, Pacino, Hoffman but Don’t Label Her a Celebrity Photographer

Anima / Persona by Brigitte Lacombe
GQ’s Editors turn us to famed photographer Brigitte Lacombe. And to think, it all started when she met Dustin Hoffman in 1975 at the Cannes Film Festival. “The actor invited her back to the States to shoot on the set of All the President’s Men—the first of hundreds of film sets and theatrical stages she’d photograph over the next thirty years. But to call Lacombe a “celebrity photographer” doesn’t grasp the scope of her art (she cracks the façade of stardom like few since Avedon), not to mention her ambition (she has trekked across the globe to document politicians and political unrest). Describing her process recently by phone, Lacombe said, “I just try to create an intimate atmosphere.”” Her second book includes portraits of Barack Obama, Brice Marden, Joan Didion, Kate Winslet, Daniel Day-Lewis, Miuccia Prada among others.

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Who’s the Dumb Duck: Ringtone Interrupts President Obama’s Speech

Barack Obama

You would that by now, people have learned to put their cell phones to vibrate or silent when they’re in the middle of something important like covering President Obama‘s live speech on immigration reform. One reporter forgot to turn his off while the President of the United States was giving a speech. The ringtone, as the President points out, was a duck quacking. “Where do guys get these ringtones anyway? Just curious.”

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Senate Passes Legislation Targeting Nicotine Content and Marketing of Cigarettes

Pentagram Takes on Cigarettes

Pentagram takes on cigarettes with a recent publication displaying potential designs of future cigarette packaging and marketing initiatives. This week, the Senate approved legislation that will require strict limits on nicotine content in cigarettes. Also, packaging and marketing of cigarettes will be required to lose color in favor of black-and-white displays. The bill is expected to pass in the House and President Obama has said he will sign it.

President Obama Gives His Thoughts on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien


On the eve of his trip to the Middle East, President Obama took time out to sit with Brian Williams for Inside the Obama White House, an NBC exclusive. With all the important issues affecting our nation, these two men sat down to discuss Conan O’Brien’s promotion to The Tonight Show. We’re not complaining but I’m sure there’s someone out there who is.

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Esquire’s Mix and Match flipbook cover for May issue


If you thought Esquire’s E-ink cover in October was impressive, you’ll be mesmerized by their latest creation. The May issue of Esquire, on sale April 10, is coming perforated to split into a flip book that will let readers play mix and match with the facial features of President Barack Obama, George Clooney and Justin Timberlake.

The inside front covers and following page belong to mix-and-match ads for the History Channel’s new series “Life After People.”

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