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Pacemaker | Spotify-friendly DJ App for iPad

Introducing the Pacemaker DJ app for iPad. It's the first DJ app with Spotify integration so you can not only pull in tracks from iTunes but you can tap into Spotify's 20-million-song database as well. It's really well designed and feature a…

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OpenLab’s DBeat: The Ultimate DJ rig

OpenLab's DBeat does more than your average DJ station, with its 3GHz Core 2 Duo and 12-inch capacitive multitouch LCD screen with tracking controls, a DJ-oriented MIDI controller, iPod dock and a high-quality 4-in/6-out audio interface. Plus, it's got 4GB of RAM and…

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Attention DJs: Wacom’s Nextbeat Wireless Controller

Known for their pen-based graphic tablets and touchscreens, Wacom has designed their first product tailored to DJs. With the recession, I'm guessing Wacom still thinks the show must go on. With the wireless Nextbeat music controller, professional and casual digital dee-jays can…

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