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Everlane Introduces 100% Human Collection

California-based Everlane is launching their 100% Human collection as a message of equality and inclusiveness and at a time when our society needs it most. Everlane's also recognizing the efforts of the American Civil Liberties Union here, an organization that's defended the…

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Everlane Releases Super-Clean Track Bomber

The well-loved track bomber jacket gets a makeover in the new, super-clean Everlane Track Bomber. An old menswear staple with new materials, the Everlane Track Bomber has a 100% cotton outer bonded to a neoprene-like lining. This makes for a warm, uniquely…

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10 Fashion Startups Changing the Rules of Luxury

As we're in the middle of this startup age, brands are popping up left and right, all aiming to shift what we buy and how. From this have come shifts in manufacturing and distribution channels, both of which have led to more…

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