IBM Patents Tech that gives you Matrix-like reflex, dodgeball championship


Dodging bullets like Neo in The Matrix has been somewhat of a inner desire for all of mankind, amiright? The army would love to have superhuman-like abilities to dodge bullets without the need of a green screen. Imagine having the ultra-quick reflexes needed to become Dodgeball Champion!

IBM was recently awarded a patent that essentially would give us the ability to do all these things and much more. This body armor would continuously scan the area for incoming projectiles. If one is detected, the system would deliver a shock to the muscles causing a swift, reflexive action away from the bullet.

NBS Audio Cables’ $200K speaker system


The E.V.A. and Butter/fly speaker systems by NBS Audio Cables has an exotic design that hardly resembles anything remotely similar to a conventional loudspeaker. The kit’s pair of 48-inch-tall pyramids intrigue us the most with a unique smooth, grille-free finish. They’re designed to reproduce music in a room via indirect sound radiation.

Access anytime, anywhere, any surface: MIT students create ‘sixth sense’ computer


Imagine accessing your phone’s dialpad on the palm of your hand in the most literal sense or accessing your email account on any surface or any place. Imagine you’re in the bookstore and you want to know what other people thought of the book you just picked up. Students at the MIT Media Lab have developed a wearable computing system that can assist in doing these things and so much more. It turns any surface into an interactive display screen.

See the video of the prototype in action below

The concept: Handgun with built-in cellphone


The concept seems odd but it’s actually not a bad idea. Or is it? No one wants to be the next Diallo, but if they do then this is the best way. Imagine being tired of carrying your handgun and your cell phone. Ensuring your safety is definitely more important than answering your boss’s phone calls.

This concept is really something special though. The cell phone rests inside the guns handle so you’re definitely going to be doing some accidental dialing when you go on that killing spree.

Nokia’s newest flagship phone: N97

Details are out about the N97 that was released today at Nokia World. It has a 3.5-inch, 640 x 360 pixel resistive touchscreen display with tactile feedback and QWERTY keyboard. Nokia calls it the “world’s most advanced mobile computer.” Really, guys? It does have a a 32GB internal memory and A-GPS, HSDPA, and WiFi. Plus, it’s packing Bluetooth and a 3.5-mm headjack and a microSD expansion slot.

The battery is capable of up to 1.5 days of continuous audio playback or 4.5-hours video. 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss glass and “DVD quality” video capture at 30fps, too.

The N97 will launch with a retail price set at around €550 ($693) excluding subsidies and taxes, phone to ship in H1 2009.

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The Newave Living Calendar by Maksim Biriukov

Over at YankoDesign, we came across the Living Calendar, designed by Maksim Biriukov. It’s a newave project that displays the day, week and the year in the most unique of ways. It shows the details about your current place in the time-space continuum.  This clock-style systems shows holidays, times of the year and much much more.

Apart from learning Russian, you’re going have to cough up a whopping $9,495 to get one in your home. Can we say “dealbreaker”?

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