Malibu Beach Inn room service via iPhone

With all this talk about the G1 releasing tomorrow, the iPhone's been getting pushed to the backburner.  It doesn't mean that the takeover is not occuring.  Take the Malibu Beach Inn for example.  They've just integrated iPhone/iPod Touch usage into...

With all this talk about t...

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Giant Ear Bud Speakers made for Dumbo

We caught these over at Urban Outfitters and thought they were interesting to say the least.  They look like a XL version of iPod headphones.  These speakers are good for your dorm or apartment, but don’t expect for them to be a large part of your home theatre system.

A surreal sound solution, Giant Ear Buds connect to your PC, iPod or home system via standard headphone jack for stylish stereo playback.

They’re powered by either USB, battery or wall adaptor (not included).  Each speaker is 4″w, 7″h, 3″d.

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