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Hender Scheme Manufacture Book

Hender Scheme has been crafting all-leather versions of some pretty iconic footwear for quite sometime but they've now released "Manufacture", the brand's first book. The book features a ton of details around the craftsmanship of Hender Scheme as well as the folks…

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Ace Hotel x Hender Scheme Custom Slippers

Ace Hotel has teamed up with Ryo Kashiwazaki's Hender Scheme to craft these custom leather slippers. They're handmade in Japan, as are all Hender Scheme creations, delivering the piece in the brand's iconic soft, raw leather finish. The only branding you'll see…

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Hender Scheme Manual Industrial Products 01 Sneaker

Hender Scheme's Manual Industrial Products come from designer Ryo Kashiwazaki's desire to reproduce his favorite sneaker styles in the best possible handmade fashion. This shoe pays homage to the Nike Air Force 1 Mid and is offered up in a raw vachetta…

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