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Hodinkee Crocodile And Kangaroo Leather Straps

Hodinkee has been offering up a wide range of watch straps for quite sometime but they've just introduced two new lines to the mix: Italian-made crocodile dress straps and kangaroo leather NATOs. The glossy croc straps come in 18mm and 20mm options,…

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Now Open | HODINKEE Shop Italian Leather Watch Accessories

Now Open | HODINKEE Shop

Here's an exclusive full look at wristwatch magazine HODINKEE's online shop that's set to launch tomorrow. The online publication has always had an eye for amazing content and Ben & company's taste for fine product in the space is unparalleled as well.…

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Hodinkee Watch Straps in Vintage Italian Leather Preview

Preview | HODINKEE Watch Straps

Our good friend Ben of HODINKEE.com is launching vintage leather straps for the masses. They're designed as an accessory to your vintage Rolex Submariner and are made in Italy. Hodinkee straps will come in a wide range of colors and finishes and…

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