Details: iPhone OS 3.0


Apple unveiled a beta version of the iPhone’s next software, version 3.0. There are a whole lot additions from its current state, some that are long over due. Who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks?

Some of the things we’re glad to see are MMS and cut, copy, and paste. 

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Watchmen: iPhone multiplayer online game coming March 6


As Watchmen is hitting the silver screen this Friday on March 6, Warner Bros. is also releasing Watchmen: Coming to Justice, an MMO game for the iPhone on the same day. The company’s teamed up with Last Legion Games for the project, a developer that managed to create a persistent world for the iPhone in the Watchmen universe using Amazon’s web services.

Coming to Justice has brought a Playstation Home environment to your iPhone, allowing you to roam the city streets, chat with total strangers, battle with people on the other side of the country, and ride the subway to another part of the city to continue their crusade against crime, all in real-time.

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UNIQUE’s iPhone Socks

UNIQUE's iPhone Socks are made in a limited quantity with 12 different graphics and 8 different colors. Absolute unicum as each graphic is produced only once per color.  Buy It: $26 at Jonas Kamber ...

UNIQUE's iPhone Socks are ...

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What will the next-gen iPhone look like?


Recently, there have been rumors that have a next-gen iPhone releasing sometime this in Q2 of this year but no word on what it will look like. Below are a few different concepts that have give light to what Apple’s next Jesus phone might resemble courtesy of Toxel.

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iPhone finally getting Flash from Adobe?

Well it was bound to happen, amiright? We've been wanting flash on our Jesusphone from the beginning and Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen has now revealed that Apple and Adobe are finally "collaborating" on a Flash-version for the iPhone. No word...

Well it was bound to happe...

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