Closer Look | Acura NSX Roadster from The Avengers

Acura NSX Roadster from The Avengers - Inside Line

Inside Line gives us a closer look at Tony Stark’s Acura NSX from the forthcoming flick, The Avengers. Though it looks like the Acura NSX Concept that’s been making the auto show appearances as of late, it’s a re-envisioned 1991 Acura NSX under the new design, interior and all. How else was Acura going to out-show Tony’s R8 from the Iron Man movies? If you’re wondering why Inside Line says this beauty ranks right up there with the bat-mobile as one of the most impressive movie cars ever built, check out the video below.

Iron Man 2 Trailer: Peace has been Privatized

Iron Man 2 Trailer: Peace has been Privatized

The first trailer from the highly anticipated Iron Man 2 movie has hit the web, with Stark doing what he does best – saving the world and doing it in such a smooth fashion. The plot – “Iron Man 2 takes place only six months after Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) revealed his identity as Iron Man at the end of the first movie. Mickey Rourke stars as a powerful new Russian villain named Whiplash.” Movie hits theaters May 2010.

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Blu-ray releases: Week of September 29th

There are some epic movies hitting Blu-ray this week, and we’ve got ’em all listed for you and ready for pre-order through Amazon below. We’ve been waiting for Iron Man ever since we saw it on the big screen. You guys can relate, right? Can’t wait for our copy to come in! Check out the rest of greats below including 40-year Old Virgin.