Maiden Noir Fall/Winter 2010 ‘Wasted Youth’ Lookbook

Maiden Noir Fall/Winter 2010 'Wasted Youth' Lookbook

Maiden Noir’s Fall 2010 lookbook entitled, “Wasted Youth”, highlights a collection which is made from Japanese fabrics with selvage denim that’s tailored in Japan. The collection is a look through the eyes of a young war photographer trying to find meaning in what he is documenting.

The cut and sew pieces in the collection pay tribute to a heritage of vintage silhouettes though leaning toward a more refined and clean classic look. Fabrics used are a mix of heavy cotton twill, herringbone Frog Skin reversible camouflage, Army cloth twill and moleskin. The focus is on the detailing, tailoring and materials.

Look for the collection at stockists worldwide as well as Maiden Noir’s online store. (via Hypebeast)

Introducing | Gorilla USA Boot Co, Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

Introducing | Gorilla USA Boot Co, Spring/Summer 2011 LookbookWe get the opportunity to cover plenty of amazing, highly notables brands here at Por Homme, and usually on a regular basis. Once in a while though, we come across a brand that’s so underrated it’s ridiculous. Gorilla USA is an American Boot Company that’s been around since 1906 and has all the pieces from its collections made in Pennsylvania by union workers. The Japan and Canada markets got a heavy dose of the brand throughout the 1990s and I think it’s about time it get some recognition here at home.

Gorilla’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection is looking pretty promising, with a wide range of wearable footwear. We’re personally loving the studded wingtips made of harness leather as well as the wedge buck, which is available in four suede varieties, each placed atop a red wedge sole.

If you want to check out some of Gorilla’s fall collection in person, stop in at select Barneys locations or visit Gorilla’s shop at 359 Lafayette Street in NYC.

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Self Edge ‘Zero Half Measures’ Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook

Self Edge 'Zero Half Measures' Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook

From Cali-based denim kings Self Edge comes their lookbook for F/W 2010, entitled “Zero Half Measures”. Hypebeast tell us, “More so than just capturing product, the series of photographs documents the classic American motoring culture of which much of Self Edge’s creations are based upon.” The lookbook features special appearances by Max Schaaf of 4Q Conditioning, Dave Tanimura of Chili Dog Customs, and plenty of other notables.

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Shipley & Halmos Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

Shipley & Halmos Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

We got our hands on the Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook from Shipley & Halmos and the line looks quite promising. Entitled “A Classic vs. Modern Parody”, designers Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos studied the true definitions of “classic” and “modern” by researching Greek and Roman architecture and art while comparing it to early 20th century modernism. The result is a lineup filled with lighthearted, functional essentials that utilize new prints and usage of color, and unique twists.

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The Riviera Club Autumn/Winter 2010 Lookbook

Riviera Club Autumn/Winter 2010 Lookbook

From Santa Barbara’s Riviera Club comes  a look at their Fall/Winter lookbook. Our eyes beginning to settle on next season already but I was personally looking at the label’s current season items and thought it necessary to share the looks. There are some outstanding pieces and this being only their second complete season, we’re really impressed with the consistency. There’s plenty to see like their Oxford-lined sportcoat and the Ranch Hand denim jacket.

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Florsheim by Duckie Brown Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

Florsheim by Duckie Brown Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

This past week, Florsheim opened the doors to a pop-up store on Mercer Street in SoHo, NY. Florsheim hired Paul Birardi and Eddy Chai, co-owners of Odin, to execute the shop and the result is a two-floor setup which may act as a template for potential revision of Florsheim’s 35 existing, freestanding stores in the US as well as a model for potential shop-in-shops at major department stores.

We were on-hand at the opening and even got a chance to check out some of the pieces from the Florsheim by Duckie Brown collection and the collaboration’s Spring 2011 collection. Some may remember the “Woven Idler” from the Duckie Brown Spring 2011 Runway Show which took place at last week’s New York Fashion Week. Daniel Silver and Steven Cox, the creative engines behind Duckie Brown, are doing an amazing job and the spring line only fortifies this. Look for plenty of standouts like the corduroy cap toes or navy-finish brogues.

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The Hill-Side Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook

The Hill-side Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook

We got our hands on The Hill-side‘s Fall 2010 lookbook from the Brothers Corsillo and we have to say it’s pretty darn creative. Take a bunch of your friends, toss ’em each a tie from your fall collection then send them over to your photo booth and see what happens. The Hill-side has always dropped some great products, most recently their collaboration with Tender Co. For the fall, expect an array of fabrics, including chambray, tweed and even waxed canvas. The color’s range as well but mostly stay mellow.

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A Longmeadow Morning | Penfield Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook

A Longmeadow Morning | Penfield Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook

We’ve gotten our hands on the Penfield‘s lookbook for the fall and we have to say, the imagery is tremendous. With the Massachusetts-based label celebrating the second half of its 35th Anniversary this season, we were confident this line would rank among their finest works. A Longmeadow Morning is meant to convey a sense of where the brand came from, as well as where it’s headed as a modern, fresh take on life in the outdoors. The lookbook shows off some must-haves including a two-tone leather vest in camel with a little bit of dark brown.

Look for the collection at fine retailers nationwide this month.

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SHADES of GREY by Micah Cohen Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook

SHADES of GREY by Micah Cohen Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook

Back in 2006, Micah Cohen was not too far removed from finishing up at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California when he decided to launch Shades of Greige. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the label, as it’s been carried by many notable shops ranging from Oak and Bloomies in New York to Stadium in Japan to Need Supply and ssense of online fame. In 2009, Micah launched SHADES of GREY by Micah Cohen to deliver a brand that would represent his design philosophy completely.

Long story short, the line’s been well-received and I personally love what the LA product is doing. The pieces are never too flashy nor are they ever too subtle. They always have the right hint of timeless appeal, something that seldom goes unnoticed by guys like me.

Look for SHADES of GREY at fine retail shops worldwide, including Urban and Atrium of New York.

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