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Property of… Tokyo Guy Blue Messenger Bag

Property Of... drops the Tokyo Guy messenger bag in this much-welcomed blue finish. The padded nylon upper is great, but I think the suede bottom is what will appeal to most. It's sure to be good for resting on any surface and…

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Pendleton x Property Of Messenger Bags

Property Of, known for their lineup of well crafted bags, has hooked up with Pendleton Woolen Mills for a limited run of shoulder bags. All the features you've come to expect from Property Of's already well-established stable of pieces are not lost,…

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Diet Butcher Slim Patch Messenger Bag

For the Spring, Diet Butcher Slim has released a new messenger bag that gives the traditional messenger a much-needed twist. The multi-material leather patches on the flap are the appealing to the eye, making Diet Butcher Slim's newest bag essential if you're looking to…

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