Muji Right Angle Socks

Have you ever looked at the shape of your socks? Have you also seen how most socks bunch up and not staying in the position they're meant to be? Well, MUJI's Right Angle Socks solve a lot the problems we've...

Have you ever looked at the ...

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Happy Socks Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

Happy Socks delivers looks at their Fall/Winter 2014 collection. The lookbook features some shots at not only their vibrant sock offerings, but we get a peek at their newly-introduced boxer briefs as well as women's underwear. No complaints here. In...

Happy Socks delivers looks a...

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CHUP socks for J.Crew


Well, the temperature just dropped massively this week and it’s about time we all invest in some additional support for our feet. J.Crew’s just taken stock of a few different designs from CHUP that will keep you warm and add some subtle pop to your outfits. The Japanese sock brand uses an authentic stocking frame to create a durable, long lasting, and comfortable fit. The detailing is exceptional as the lengthy production process allows only 20-25 pairs to be crafted a day and each pair incorporates ethnic patterns and colors from all over the world. J.Crew currently carries four designs that will run through the holiday season.

The Gift | Mack Weldon ‘Sock Drawer’ Pack

The Gift | Mack Weldon 'Sock Drawer' Pack

Anyone that knows me also knows I love socks and colorful/eccentric ones at that. Mack Weldon‘s fairly new on the scene but they’re looking to do men’s basics right and boy are they off on a great start. Their offerings range from underwear and undershirts to tees and socks, all infused with high-quality fabrics, some forward-thinking tech detailing and an outstanding fit.

That’s what it’s all about, right? Find the undershirt that’s comfortable and doesn’t bunch up on you or expose itself when you’re wearing a button-down sans tie. Socks need to be bought with the comfort of knowing they won’t slouch and will provide the right amount of cushion and support throughout the entire day. Each piece is engineered to promote comfort, mobility, moisture and odor management, and recovery. With a specially formulated 18-hour jersey fabric, underwear and undershirts retain their shape after repeated wear and wash with a minimal amount of shrinkage.

Happy Socks by Terry Richardson Campaign

Happy Socks by Terry Richardson Campaign

Who would’ve thought an ad campaign by a sock company could be so edgy? Well, that’s what happens when you expand the budget and get famed photographer Terry Richardson to get behind the lens for the shoot. Happy Socks did jus that for their Holiday 2011 campaign and we think it’s turned out great for them. The product is displayed in an abstract way and features some notable folks including ASAP Rocky, Sky Ferreira, Mykki Blanco, Maluca Mala, Physical Therapy, Braydon Szafranski, Ashley Smit, and Action Bronson.

Winter Essential | Scott-Nichol Tweed Socks

Winter Essential: Scott-Nichol Tweed Socks

So, your shoe game is set for the cold winter months ahead but what about your socks? Fact is we too often neglect the essential accessory. Sure, some of our boots could protect us without any sucks but why not walk comfortably? Scott-Nichol socks look great and are pretty resilient also. The tweed socks are made in England of a Shetland wool/nylon blend and they come in a variety of finishes, all blessed with some snowflake print to keep your mother appeased during the holiday season.

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Summer Fun: Happy Socks

The creators of happy socks are true jovialists. they believe that everything in your life should bring you happiness - the little things included. so, why not start with your feet and work your way up? combining fashion and function,...

The creators of happy sock...

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