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Sony to Limit PS5 Pre-Orders to One per Household

According to some source code published on Reddit, Sony's planning to limit PlayStation 5 orders to one per household. The code comes from the PlayStation Direct website and reveals an error message you might get if you attempt to add more than…

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The Trailer For Upcoming ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ Is Gorgeous

Over the weekend, Playstation devotees made the journey to Anaheim, California to attend Sony's Playstation Experience 2016. The 2-day event showcased the innovative technologies coming soon to Playstation and teased new trailers for upcoming exclusive content. The Gran Turismo racing title has…

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Sony's Driveclub VR

Sony’s ‘Driveclub’ Moving To The Virtual World

Sony is set to release a virtual reality edition of the racing video game Driveclub, which will be compatible with the brand's upcoming PlayStation VR platform launching on October 13th. The game will come with new updates, including brand new racing tracks and an impressive…

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Sony Glass Speakers

Sony Glass Speakers Offer a New Sound Experience

Sony recently unveiled its latest addition to the Sony's Life Space UX Project - a beautiful LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker designed to blend seamlessly into the environment while providing an unrivalled crisp, clear sound. The electronic gadget has a very unique and artistic aesthetic,…

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Sony Z9D 4K TV

Sony Set To Release Innovative Z9D 4K TV

Japanese powerhouse Sony is set to release the behemoth of televisions with the new, state-of-the-art Z9D 4K HDR Android TV. The luxury development comes as part of the company's Z series, which puts a great emphasis on innovative visual quality and high-end…

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New Sony RX10 Mark III Features Super-Telephoto Lens

Sony's unveiled their latest RX10 Mark III, which looks nearly identical in terms of design and spec to its predecessor minus a few details. It's packing some strong video capabilities such as 960 fps 1080p slo-mo, 24 and 30 fps 4K recording…

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