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Introducing GINA: The Smart Coffee Maker

Believe it or not, but there is a smart coffee maker in development that will make your brand new Keurig 2.0 a fad of the past. The makers of the widely-successful ‘GOAT’ mug are introducing their latest invention, the ‘GINA’ smart coffee…

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This Floating Cloud Is Both A Speaker and Lamp

Richard Clarkson Studio has developed the prototype for it's latest innovation "The Cloud." Specializing in experimental product, lighting & furniture, the New Zealand based studio has created an interactive bluetooth speaker and lighting system, emulating the sounds of thunder and various lightning patterns. "The Cloud"…

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Instagram Introduces New Stories Feature

Instagram has just introduced stories into its platform. Similar to the popular app Snapchat, this new feature allows the user to share all the moments and experiences that they would not necessarily upload to their feed. As you share various photos and…

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Instagram Now Supports Landscape and Portrait Formats

Instagram is officially going outside the square. The photo and video app will now support portrait and landscape formats so you can share without having to edit your shots or take them in the classic square frame using the app. Although most…

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Canon’s New 4,000,000 ISO Video Camera

Canon has released the ME20F-SH, a new video camera with a 4 million ISO capability. Although its name and $30,000 price tag confirm that the camera was designed for corporate and industrial use, the technology is sure to trickle its way down…

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ZNAPS, a Magnetic Connector for Mobile Devices

Apple released MagSafe technology for the MacBook about a decade ago and we’ve been waiting since then for a release of similar technology for mobile devices. Instead of waiting, a team from Canada have decided to develop ZNAPS, a magnetic mobile connector…

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