Todd Saunders’ Villa Storingavika in Norway


Architect Todd Saunders is a Canadian resident who’s been creating magnificent properties in Norway since 1997. His latest project, the Villa Storingavika in Bergen, Norway, a twofold home with an upstairs for the parents and a downstairs that their two children share. 

Here’s what Todd had to say about the home: 

The house looks out over the southern fjords and the West coast archipelago. There is a small 35m2 guest studio on the bottom floor. The house is a long thin structure with a balcony extruding 6m out of the house that rests on 3 steel poles. The house is clad in black stained wood with natural wood between the window partitions.

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Spring 2009: Billykirk bags


The guys over at Blackbird have gotten in a heavy assortment of Billykirk bags, including the waxed cotton game bag pictured above. All Billykirk leather goods are handmade in the U.S.A. by Amish leather workers. 

The game bag above is a classic messenger-style bag that’s ideal for carrying notebooks or whatever else you might need for school or general day-to-day activities. It’s made from heavy-duty waxed cotton with leather trim. The shoulder straps are adjustable. 

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Diet Butcher Slim Patch Messenger Bag


For the Spring, Diet Butcher Slim has released a new messenger bag that gives the traditional messenger a much-needed twist. The multi-material leather patches on the flap are the appealing to the eye, making Diet Butcher Slim’s newest bag essential if you’re looking to break the norm. Deer, horse and cow leather are all part of the equation with leather straps and details. 

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Jasper Goodall corrupts Bambi with ‘Poster Girl’ exhibition at London’s Electric Blue Gallery


Jasper Goodall is one of the finest graphic artists of our time and he spent the early part of this decade influencing a generation. From his genre defining work for The Face in the early part of this decade to selling commissions to the likes of Sprite for numbers like £25,000 to being approached by Gucci to design a pack of cards, Jasper’s has done more for graphic art than many give him credit for.

He’s shifted from the commercial aspect of the business to being a genuine artist, and this month’s ‘Poster Girl’ exhibition at the Electric Blue Gallery in London, his first solo show in a gallery environment, only serves to confirm his true arrival on the art scene.

When talking about the exhibition, he states the following:

I liked the idea that I could corrupt Bambi, a modern day symbol of innocence and turn her ‘bad’ thus re creating the nun cliche in a new way.

Poster Girl is a collection of images which show illustrated bodies being held up in front of real models, the resulting photographs are both fantasy and reality, illustration and photography.

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Rag & Bone Gladstone Travel Bag


Available in an indigo finish, this bag comes from Rag & Bone’s Spring/Summer lineup. It’s made from a beautiful cotton denim with leather trim and details. It’s perfect for a weekend getaway and as the bag ages, expect it to take on more distinct characteristics. The cotton denim has a slight coating to it to give a beautiful luster in the color and the leather throughout the trim and detail is very soft while still thick and substantial.

Handles are padded for absolute comfort when carrying and the six metal feet at the base protect the bottom leather portion from general wear and tear.

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London home’s hidden parking spot under garden


Remember that crib with a hidden parking garage that was filled with lamborghinis? Well, this home in London has a hidden garage as well and in the most discreet location, too. Although there aren’t any lamborghinis in this one spot garage, there is a porsche and a lot of saved space. Front gardens are being replaced by parking spots in most homes but this residence gets to keep both.

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Collaboration Heaven: The Monocle Shop in London


Monocle is known for organizing debates on design and architecture, and creating exclusive fairs as well. Now, they’re first shop in Marylebone, London is filled with amazing collaborations that keep us as intrigued as we have been in their previous endeavors. Brands include Comme des Garçons, Porter, Valextra and Drakes London and the shop has an exclusive products area, with a variety of items from CDs to stationery to travel guides. Plus, if you are familiar with their magazine, they have all the issues published to date. One of our favorite pieces is an exclusive Tokyo poster-guide created in collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

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The $10 million Lufthansa Lounge at JFK Airport’s Terminal 1


Bringing a taste of its specTACular Frankfurt lounge stateside, Lufthansa’s $10 million lounge in JFK Airport’s Terminal 1 is a triple-decker glass-walled space that has three buffets, showers, a bar with actual bartenders and wi-fi for all your Por Homme-reading needs.

The Moment is reporting that this is only the first of many lounges to hit airports from Washington Dulles to Bombay. The aviation business is seeing a bit of hope with this news as most carriers are currently cutting back.