Introducing | Drake’s For HODINKEE Limited Edition Tie Collection

Introducing | Drake's For HODINKEE Limited Edition Tie Collection

On their way to watch-world domination, seems the folks at HODINKEE have scheduled a few stops. They’ve already gone through an amazing site redesign and even launched an in-house line of hand-made Italian straps, pouches, and travel rolls. Now, they’ve teamed up with London’s Drake’s to create a limited edition tie collection inspired by two of HODINKEE founder Ben Clymer’s favorite watches. Drake’s of London is the pinnacle of men’s neckwear and accessories for as long as even my father can remember. Today is truly a momentous day, friends. These knit ties are woven with the highest quality silk yarn in the world, and the dots are hand-sewn with silk thread. No two ties are the same.

IWC Presents The Man’s Guide to Buying a Watch | What is a Movement?

IWC Presents The Man's Guide to Buying a Watch | What is a Movement?

Hodinkee tells us Swiss watchmaker IWC Schauffhausen have introduced a new video series entitled “The Man’s Guide To Buying a Watch.” Available across several mediums including Facebook and, the series will serve as a knowledge base for folks that aren’t yet caught up in the technicalities of mechanical watches but will surely be worth the watch for anyone — newbies and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Episode 1: What Is A Movement? features Mr. Michael Friedberg, well-known IWC collector and moderator of the IWC forum.

Eric Clapton’s Platinum Patek Philippe 2499

Eric Clapton's Platinum Patek Philippe 2499

For your viewing pleasure, Ben over at Hodinkee gives us a personal, first-hand account of Eric Clapton’s Platinum Patek Philippe 2499. For those not familiar, this watch is seen by many in the watch collecting world as the holy grail of vintage watches. We’re talking one of two in the entire World and the only one in the hands of someone outside of Patek Philippe. It’s a story nearly 25 years in the making and the Hodinkee team have given us video, imagery and words to put the value of this beautiful Patek Phlippe Reference 2499/100 perpetual calendar chronograph in platinum into perspective ahead of its sale on November 12th in Geneva by Christie’s. Video below with more info over at

MB&F HM3 Poison Dart Frog Watch

MB&F HM3 Poison Dart Frog Watch

Hodinkee gives us a look at MB&F’s latest creation — the HM3 Poison Dart Frog. Their infamous HM3 Frog is comes in a black PVD-coated zirconium case against the 18k yellow gold screws and 22k yellow gold rotor. The contrasting details are magnificent but the looks run deeper. It’s designed after an actual poison dart frog, or Dendrobates Leucomela, whose black and yellow camouflage protects him in his natural habitat. Max Büsser and Co. have tweaked this beauty to perfection and with it being the very special piece it was crafted to be, there will only be ten pieces made available. Singapore’s Hour Glass will be the only retailer getting these.

We’ve got a few more shots of the HM3 Poison Dart Frog watch but be sure to head over to Hodinkee for more details.

Introducing | The New

Introducing | The New

From Hodinkee, the online publication that brought you a completely new and fresh perspective on what you read about watches, comes a site redesign that will change how you read it. We’ve seen sites go through redesigns in the past but the difference here is that Hodinkee really put their users first and branched every single alteration from that. The new is what every “online magazine” should look like. At the top of the page, there’s a full-width image that corresponds with the most recent post and updates as you navigate through categories and brands. The fun doesn’t stop there as users are blessed with a new top navigation bar that allows users to access some of the site’s most exclusive and popular content in one click through the Plus(+) drop down. You can now search through categories and popular brands. Yep, want to see all of Hodinkee’s news on IWC? Look for Popular Brands in the top navigation and you’re there.

These are just a few of the several enhancements has brought with their latest redesign. There’s an intro video below worth checking out before you dig into the finest watch content on the planet.

Cartier ID Two Concept Watch

Cartier ID Two Concept Watch - Photos and Video

Dubbed “Watchmaking’s Future in the Physical Form” by the folks over at Hodinkee, the Cartier ID Two concept watch is nothing short of magnificent. It’s even more impressive than the Cartier ID One which was unveiled in 2009. In fact, it’s more impressive than any watch we’ve seen in our times from a technological and innovation front. It’s made from a single block of ceramic called Ceramyst that is completely transparent and features a 32-day power reserve. The caseback is held on via a vacuum seal, meaning zero screws. Talk about efficiency, efficiency we haven’t seen in the watch industry ever. The Cartier ID Two produces 30% more power and consumes only half as much as a traditional watch, providing for a 32 day power reserve in just a 42mm case. Check out the video from Hodinkee video below for a more detailed look.

Introducing | Clomm Watches

Introducing | Clomm Watches

From British designer Gary Fidele comes Clomm, a boutique watch brand specializing in creating minimalist, distinctive and timeless designs. Clomm products are made from materials of premium quality and embody both style and function. Each piece is designed and engineered to stand the test of time. Gary’s first design, the Terra Firma, is now available in a few different finishes. The Rose Gold and matte black PVD shell really stood out to us as it works really well with the rich brown leather strap. Clomm recently launched their online store which allows users to navigate through the brand’s entire collection, make a purchase, and keep up with news via their blog.

HODINKEE Pop-Up Store in San Francisco

HODINKEE Pop-Up Store in San Francisco at Taylor Stitch

Well, if blessing New York with an amazing pop-up of vintage watches a few months back wasn’t enough, our friends at HODINKEE have setup a similar offering for folks in the Bay area for this weekend. Mission-based retailer Taylor Stitch is playing host to the first ever West Coast HODINKEE pop-up store and we’ve got a preview of what to expect before making your way over to Valencia Street. Beyond all the timepieces, HODINKEE is bringing along some of the goods from their online shop which offers up Italian-made watch straps and pouches for your most valuable possessions.

The offerings will range from classics to cult watches like a vintage IWC Ingenieur and Omega Bullhead chrono, to a veritable British Military issued mono-pusher chrono from Lemania. We have really special collector’s pieces like an early Heuer Carrera Dato from 1967 with a black dial (try to find another one for sale right now), to one of the rarest vintage Rollies around – the Ref 1530 (an automatic watch in the case usually used for quartz – aka Rolex’s answer to the Royal Oak and their first watch with a sapphire crystal).

The show starts today and runs until Sunday evening, with daily hours being from 11am to 7pm. Taylor Stitch is located at 383 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA. Scroll down to catch a glimpse of what to expect.

Now Open | IWC New York Flagship Boutique

IWC Schaffhausen New York Flagship Boutique on Madison Ave

IWC Schaffhausen has opened their first US and New York City boutique, a 3,000-plus-square-foot, bi-level space which carries on the company’s special tradition with IWC’s classic collection of fine timepieces, as well as an assortment of limited-edition models. Beyond all the horology goodness the boutique houses, it’s also much of a modern marvel as it features some really amazing design cues throughout while the decor lets you know it was by artisans. There’s really something special about it as the flagship boutique’s unique atmosphere invites customers to an inspirational voyage into the fascinating stories attached to the brand and each of its product families.

The IWC Boutique is open now and is located at 535 Madison Avenue.