TSOVET Limited Edition AT76 Watch

Inspired by the precision and style of avionic gauges, the TSOVET AT76's water resistant housing is made from aerospace-grade stainless steel, has a PVD-coated dial, an anti-reflective and scratch resistant mineral crystal face, and a non-corrosive, brushed satin finish. Internals...

Inspired by the precision ...

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Bell & Ross 01-92 Carbon Fiber Watch


The fine folks at NOTCOT got a hands-on look at Bell & Ross’s BR 01-92 Carbon, a watch that takes carbon fiber and compresses it into a block and then molds it into a beautiful timepiece. The 01-92 Carbon embodies everything you’d expect from the Swiss watchmaker so start saving or if you don’t need to, then we suggest you reserve one as soon as humanly possible. 

It was recently announced at Basel, but it’s yet to hit the site as it’s not set to release until November of this year. 

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Maurice de Mauriac Automatic Modern Watches


Selectism has blessed us with a look into Maurice de Mauriac’s new line of timepieces, the “Automatic Modern” collection. “The newest [watch] creations of highest precision feature sapphire glass that is non-reflecting on both sides as well as black or white diamonds. The prestigious chronometers are equipped with a mechanic-automatic movement and encased with replaceable red gold, white gold, or black bezels. ”

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Bell & Ross: Instrument BR Heritage watch


Men.Style has turned us on to Bell & Ross’s latest creation. A few months ago, Bell & Ross created the Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation watch, specially made for the French Air Force. Now, the watchmakers gone retro with their new Instrument BR Heritage, which takes its stylistic cues from forties-era military cockpits and instrument panels and features a blasted-steel case finished with a carbon-powder coating. 

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Concept: Hannes Grebin’s Nooka Cuckoo watch design


German designer Hannes Grebin has designed the Nooka Cuckoo wrist watch but don’t think it’ll be in stores anytime soon as this is just a concept and not affiliated with Nooka at all. 

Here’s what Grebin has to say about the concept:

Nooka Cuckoo is a watch concept which puts an end to the many failed attempts to translate analog chronographic displays into the digital age – it is German “Gemutlichkeit” for the wrist, literally brought to you from a plastic, candy-coloured Black Forest.

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Immovable Watch: Stas Aki stops the hands of the clock without stopping time


Designer Stas Aki has come up with a design that’s so simple, yet so abstract. Stas Aki stops the hands of the clock without stopping time. On a tradition watch, the hands read approximately 10:07, but on Stas Aki’s immovable watch, the real time is told my digital numbers above the small hand and big hand. Time is put on a 24-hour scale instead of a 12-hour scale and the design of the watch is sleek and simple as well.

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Hermes Clipper Mecanique Chronograph watch


Hermes’ newest luxury watch, the Clippter Mecanique Chronograph, is one of the most refined watches this world has to offer. It’s cased in 18k rose gold, and contains a fine mechanical movement, nothing less of what we would expect from the luxe-goods maker.

The mechanical automatic movement is a bi-compax chronograph with a 30 minute counter, the time, and date. As these things are nothing different than many other watch makers, I’m still wondering why the bloody watch costs $50,000. I guess what you’re paying for is the name. As far as watches go, if you want the name, there are a few that are more reputable and much less straining on your wallet.

Online Rolex Customizer courtesy of Bamford UK

Bamford & Sons through the Bamford Watch Company has given consumers something only a select few had in decades past.  The Bamford Watch Company Online Rolex Customizer allows for the individual to modify the Rolex Submariner (Daytona, GMT, and others...

Bamford & Sons through...

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Horological Machine No. 3 by MB&F

The HM3 by Maximilian Busser & Friends (MB&F) is quite a site.  It’s more refined than its predecessors and this one comes in two variations.  The red gold Starcruiser and white gold Widewinder with two sapphire cones rising up from the case to reveal hours and day/night indicator and the other cone for minutes – transmitted via ceramic ball bearings to laser-cut hands and visible as a drivers style watch, on the side.  Each watch shown here displays 10:45am.

The two styles are available in both red gold and white gold.  The Starcruiser has both cones on the inside of your wrist and the Sidewinder with cones vertically next to your hand.  Both are read easily without turning your wrist.

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