Road to (capsule) | A Moment with Crescent Down Works’ Anne Michelson

Road to (capsule) | A Moment with Crescent Down Works' Anne Michelson

Road to (capsule) is a Por Homme exclusive, made possible by the good folks behind the (capsule) tradeshow, and of course, the person(s) being interviewed. We ask each designer a few questions that help to give us — as fans, readers, observers, whatever — a better understanding of what makes these gifted individuals tick. The questions are fairly uniform, but as you’ll see, the answers are far from that. The (capsule) show invades New York January 16th and 17th, giving viewers first looks at Fall/Winter 2012 collections from the industry’s most reputable men’s labels.

Anne Michelson founded Crescent Down Works in the mid-seventies and nearly 40 years later, the brand is still as relevant as ever, this time to a completely new audience. To reach them in a more intimate environment, Anne and her team is prepping for their first-ever showing at the (capsule) New York. We had the opportunity to interview Anne to see how the brand has evolved over the years and what 2012 will bring for the Seattle-based label.