McSweeny’s San Francisco Panorama

McSweeny’s San Francisco Panorama

Issue 33 of McSweeney’s Quarterly will be a one-time only, Sunday-edition-sized newspaper—the San Francisco Panorama. The edition gives a little bit of life back to what is otherwise a dying medium. It’ll have news and sports and arts coverage, and comics (sixteen pages of glorious, full-color comics, from Chris Ware and Dan Clowes and Art Spiegelman and many others besides) and a magazine and a weekend guide, and will basically be an attempt to demonstrate all the great things print journalism can (still) do, with as much first-rate writing and reportage and design (and posters and games and on-location Antarctic travelogues) as the team can get in there.

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Obama: The Historic Front Pages


The Historic Front Pages is a compilation of newspapers “from nomination to inauguration” of our nation’s 44th President Barack Obama, created by David Elliot Cohen and Mark Greenberg. It’s the only book to feature five historic speeches as well as front pages of the three significant moments: when Obama won the Democratic nomination; when he became the first African-American elected president; and when he was sworn in.

Here’s what B&N have to say about the book:

Now, everyone can own a piece of history, thanks to this gorgeous commemorative album of front pages that capture Barack Obama’s extraordinary journey to the White House. Featuring newspapers both domestic and foreign, and depicting all the landmarks in this groundbreaking campaign—including the inauguration—Obama is a stunning keepsake for all who experienced this remarkable moment…and future generations, too.

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