The F-CELL Roadster Concept built by Mercedes-Benz trainees


Our friends at eGMCarTech have turned us to the F-CELL Roadster Concept which Mercedes-Benz unveiled today. The project was completed by more than 150 trainees and dual-education system students that worked together to build the roadster with fuel-cell drive.

The F-CELL is powered by a fuel-cell system that’s located at the rear with a power rating of 1.2 kW that allows it to reach a top speed of 15mph and operating range of 217 miles.

More images after the jump.  

mercedes-benz-f-cell-roadster-concept-2009-1 mercedes-benz-f-cell-roadster-concept-2009-2

mercedes-benz-f-cell-roadster-concept-2009-3 mercedes-benz-f-cell-roadster-concept-2009-4

mercedes-benz-f-cell-roadster-concept-2009-5 mercedes-benz-f-cell-roadster-concept-2009-6

Full Press Release at eGMCarTech


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